Get to know one of our favorite vendors!

If you haven’t picked up on it by now then you need to know that Victoria’s Exotic Orchids has supplied us with the orchids for this month’s drawing.

I first found out and “met” Victoria in a Facebook group that I found when looking for Orchid groups to get involved with.  It was a “for sale or trade” group and I was fascinated that something like that even existed much less that it would be a beehive of activity.

With as much self-control as I could muster, I Ooohhh-ed and Aaaahhh-ed at nearly every posting of a massive variety of orchids that were being posted for sale each day.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself and yet also could sense the weakening of my resolve as each day passed.

It didn’t take long for the beautiful pictures to chisel away at my self-control until it collapsed at the 3rd opportunity for me to view a pic of a captivating little Phal called a Dragon Tree Eagle.  I was in love and I didn’t care if I had promised myself not to get overly excited at every possible purchasing opportunity.

I saw this little guy and I just HAD TO HAVE HIM!

So I contacted the seller and the journey began.

It was Victoria Strange that was selling this sumptuous little orchid and I ended up being really happy to have purchased from her!

The entire process was simple and painless from beginning to end. 

After a brief Messenger conversation, she emailed me a PayPal invoice that I promptly and eagerly paid and a couple days later (I purchased on the weekend) I got an email notification that my little package had shipped.

Two days and my little orchid arrived in FINE condition!

I was so pleased!  He was packaged well and arrived healthy and happy.  Within a few days started to put on a new leaf.

I also began to notice in the Facebook group that Victoria and her orchids were quite popular from the standpoint of both healthy plants AND great service.

All of that lead to me talking to Victoria about being involved for our first month of the giveaways here at I Kill Orchids.

She is an amazing vendor and one that I (and many others) trust and are happy to purchase from.  So I wanted to be certain that you know about her so that you too can have a wonderful source for healthy orchids and great service.

Who Is Victoria…

I wanted to give you a little background on Victoria and her orchid-ing history so I asked her a few questions. 

The following are the questions and her answers.

1. Tell us a little about your company, like how long ago you started it, why you do it, what your goal is by doing it.

I started my business in July 2017. The first Months were unsuccessful and almost broke me until selling online. I started my business because I am an Orchid lover and everyone’s prices were so high that I could find it was very hard finding a simple vanda for a price in my budget except the half dead ones I purchased on eBay. I then decided to start selling (to help my hobby and others) and have a strict policy of pricing so I never overprice even when plants are well worth more. I plan to continue doing what I do and grow even bigger so I can have more selection available in the USA.

2. How did you get into orchids originally?

I got into orchids when my husband kept buying them for makeup gifts. I fell in love but could only find Phal in my area.

3. What do you love most about growing and caring for orchids?

New growth of course. Such a happy feeling when you see a happy Orchid giving you results that show.

4. What is your favorite type of orchid and why?

Both vanda and Phal although there are so many I love.

5. What type of orchid do you find most difficult to care for?


6. What is your best tip for those who are pretty new to caring for orchids?

It is not as difficult as most think and most everyone overthinks caring for an Orchid make sure you do not over water but also roots will die if under-watered I feel keeping the Orchid POTTED IN a clear cup is best to help whenever in questioning.

In Summary…

As of this time, Victoria does not have a website, but she is very active in a couple of Facebook groups and has her own group that is the best source for what she currently has available. 

If you don’t have a Facebook account, it is worth getting one just to be part of Victoria’s group.

You can CLICK HERE to get to her Facebook Page.  Or if you prefer, email her at to find out what she currently has available.

Thank you SO much for supporting our wonderful friends and vendors!  Please let us know who you have used and what your experience was. 

To Your Orchid-ing Success ~


PS.  If you haven’t entered to win this month’s orchid yet… CLICK HERE!