I have dreamed of having a greenhouse since I was a kid.orchid greenhouse

I grew up in Colorado where the growing season was short, the winters were long and cold, and the 100+-year-old house we lived in was heated by a wood stove and had only a few basic windows.  In other words… not a good place for houseplants of nearly any kind but especially tropicals.

When spring would begin to whisper on the wind I would find myself in a greenhouse enjoying the heat and relishing in the smell of the dirt, the fresh “green” fragrance of the plants and the dense humidity that was like a comforting hug against the cold outside.  Every year I imagined having a greenhouse.  Eventually, I began imagining LIVING in a greenhouse.

I no longer live in Colorado so the stark contrast in seasons and the seemingly endless winter no longer haunt me, so my need to actually live in a greenhouse is pretty much gone.

I have, however, since expanding my foray into “orchid-ing” found that the need for space and specific environment a greenhouse can afford have recently become very high on my list as winter IS still approaching.  While Atlanta, GA affords much more mild winters, they are still not hospitable to all of my beautiful orchids and trying to keep them all happily in the house is not exactly my favorite option.

Fortune recently smiled on me though, and I am excited to say that I am renting a greenhouse and will be sharing the adventure with you.

An older gentleman who had once been an active part of the Atlanta Orchid Society and has been growing orchids since the early 90’s had announced that he was shutting down his greenhouse and giving away the remainder of his orchids.  So, of course… off I went.

Quite frankly, I was expecting to grab a few orchids and call it a day.

What surprised me was how close this guy lives to my current location AND the fact that I REALLY enjoyed spending time with him and just listening to his expertise and stories of orchids.

ALWAYS looking for opportunity, I called him late in the afternoon after everyone had gone and spoke with him about renting his greenhouse and just keeping the remainder of the plants that were in it.

I have always figured that sometimes the best way to learn anything is by jumping into the problems and learning how to fix them.  Somehow that has always made me better at anything… especially animal and plant care.

So that is exactly what I’m doing here.

I am jumping into a wonderful greenhouse half full of plants that are in need of a little love and just seeing what I can do with them.

I have already begun re-potting, re-mounting, and sorting what is there.  Somehow the 10 initial plants that I brought home have nearly doubled just because they were divided and re-p0tted through the cleanup process.  I will be documenting some of the processes as I go along.

I am excited about it and I hope that you will join me in this adventure.

Of course, most of my own current collection will be moved to the greenhouse as I get it sorted and cleaned up.  I have a few plants that will stay home just because I know they grow well here and are “easy keepers”.

For now, though, here is my intro video and tour.

Give me your thoughts and share the video with your friends!

To Your Orchid-ing Success,