I had no idea when I adopted this greenhouse that it would mean so much to me going into the winter.

I mean… there is the obvious reason that it gave me the opportunity to take care of my orchids and winter my outdoor plants instead of letting them die and then replace them.

BUT… it has also been my personal therapy space.  My zen. My grounding escape. Really… my joy.

I know I grew up in Colorado, but I got insanely sick of the cold and yuck, so while Georgia is MUCH more moderate than Colorado, I still take joy in spending hours in the greenhouse at the lovely 75 degrees and 75 to 85% humidity.  It just brings me peace and joy.

So I know that it has been a while since I’ve posted and for that, I apologize, but here is the update of how things are looking in the greenhouse.

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To your orchid-ing success