So can I be completely personal and reflective for just a moment about the power of an “Orchid Hobby”?

You know the old saying, “when it rains, it pours”?  Well, I don’t know if “pouring” is even enough for my story but “hurricane” might come close.

So for a little background…

One of the things we do is stage show homes.  But we don’t just stage them, we live in them and manage them.

So basically, we have a whole bunch of nice furniture and we move it into homes that are vacant and for sale.  We make everything beautiful and we care for the home by keeping it clean and fresh, maintained (lawn, bugs, power washing, etc…) until the house sells and then we move into a new show home.

So we often move two or three times a year.  Which, as you can imagine, can make it really interesting to care for plants at all let alone orchids. It can also be a little taxing to the nerves.

If you’re anything like me, your plants, especially the orchids, are nearly like members of your family that you talk to regularly without concern if anyone is listening.


I’ve learned to adapt and to keep my plant care stuff organized and streamlined… as I have to with everything I do.

While it does make things more challenging, I have learned that grow lights are my friend, and patience is key.


I’m usually pretty good at managing all of it and the stress that goes with it.  Hell, I even rent a separate truck just to move all of my plants… and we move the plants… not the movers.

Anyway… all of that explanation to tell you that not even 48 hours ago we did a move into a new place.

We were fortunate at our previous place because we had been there nearly a year. (Some houses just don’t sell quickly).  But quite frankly we were ready to move on to the next place.

So here we are, the day after moving in and feverishly unpacking and trying to get everything set up.  We have 7 days to get the entire house unpacked, set up, and decorated for an open house.

In the midst of that… there is caring for my orchids and trying to decide where in the house is going to be the best location for each of them.

So yesterday we had an interesting situation play out… you know… in ADDITION to the stress of everything else.

The house is supposed to be “off the market” and no showings allowed while we move in and set up.  Apparently, that didn’t matter.

We had a guy pull in the driveway and come up to the door.  We found out later that his realtor put in a request for showing and was denied but decided they would all come anyway.


Guy comes to the door… weird conversation ensues… and my husband brings the guy in to look around the house.

That is what we’re here for… to get the house sold.

I wasn’t excited about it because we had just started unpacking and there are boxes stacked everywhere, trash all over the floor, furniture still shrink wrapped, and the cats running around traumatized in the new surroundings.  Not to mention I was exhausted after very little sleep for two days, eating crap food because there wasn’t time or utensils for cooking and just the exertion of moving.

So I took advantage of the situation to sit down in my chair, put my feet up, and get a little work done (I have a marketing company and I work from home).

Here’s the abbreviated version of what happened in the next five hours.

The guy looks through the house.

Guy falls in love with the house.

Guy says the house only makes sense because he has seen our furniture in the house.

Realtor finally shows up.

Guy asks if he can bring his wife by after she gets off work in 2 hours.

Guy wants to walk through the house again.

Guy and realtor leave.

Guy, realtor, and wife come back 2.5 hours later.

Wife falls in love with the house.

Realtor gets on the phone with the owner/agent for this house.

Realtor pulls out a computer.

Realtor receives notification of signature on contract sent to owner/agent.


In other words… we have to move in the next 10 days. 

AND… Guy and Wife stuck around for another  2 hours looking at the house and crying and being excited.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m excited for them.  And it’s our job to sell the house.

But I have to admit between being sleep deprived, exhausted and under-nourished I had just a  LITTLE bit of a freakout moment.

Yes, that meant we could stop unpacking, but it puts a whole new stress on everything and at the moment all I wanted was to have a couple of days to eat well, get some rest, and recuperate.

Not to mention… there is the lingering concern in the back of my head for the stress on all of my plants, but especially the orchids.

Grounding at its finest…

So this morning, after a much needed (Tylenol PM induced) night of sleep, I’m not feeling as stressed about it, but my absolute peace was getting my cup of coffee and spending time visiting each of my plants.

I really can’t explain how it works, but just that time sipping my coffee and touching and looking over each plant just calmed and grounded me.  It was “that thing” I needed to remember that all is going to be ok.

I look at these plants and realize that even though we tend to coddle them and do our best to provide optimal conditions and protect them from all the nasty stuff… weather… bugs…

In reality, they evolved in conditions that weren’t always favorable.  They have a simple goal and that is to grow and reproduce.  Whatever that takes and whatever it means, they just keep moving.

Somehow, they manage to stay beautiful through it all.

So my time with my “chids” this morning was wonderful.  Although I dream of the perfect house with a sunroom or greenhouse, for now, I am happy to know that I have all of these wonderful plants and they help me to have calm and joy in the midst of the chaos that is my life.

In some ways, they are my one constant, and that is enough to keep me going.

So thank you for indulging me in this long story.  I hope that you enjoyed it, and quite frankly, I hope that you will also share your stories with me!

Orchid-ing means something a little different to each of us, but it is always special, and worth being shared!

So… here’s to your orchid-ing success and I look forward to hearing from you!!!