I love learning about orchids.

One of the things that continue to blow my mind is how resilient they are!!!

While some orchids are extremely picky and will look great one dead and be dead the next, I am finding that a LOT of orchids are incredibly resilient.

This is the story of one such orchid.

This little oncidium (no ID), was one I picked up at the Gently Used Plant Sale at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last year after the Orchid Daze event. It was in bloom and looking great.

It even bloomed again a few months later. But then it just kinda… quit.

The pseudobulbs began to shrivel badly and the one new growth that was poking out dried up and died.

I was pretty sure it was gone. Yet, until I knew for sure, I just kept it.

It did pop out an additional little spike with just a few flowers on it, but it didn’t last long and really just looked bad.

So… while I tended to all of the other more immediate concerns in the greenhouse, this plant just sat on the shelf.

This video is what is happening now!

My little oncidium is coming back to life!!!

To your orchid-ing success,