Somebody Gave You An Orchid… NOW WHAT???

How To Care For Your Gift Orchid

Orchids are so incredibly beautiful and exotic looking, and unfortunately, their care can seem to be the just as exotic as their look.

Thankfully, for most orchids, it’s really not that difficult!

Most orchids that are gifted come from a grouping of orchids that are pretty hardy and easy to care for.  That is why they are grown on a massive scale and have become easily available in most grocery stores with floral departments.

Most of them are “Phalaenopsis” or “Moth Orchids” although not all of them are.  Really… it’s not the name that is important and we often refer to them as “grocery store orchids” since that is where many of them come from.

Regardless of their origin, you now have a beautiful plant that obviously requires different care than a regular house plant.

SO… in an effort to simplify their care, here are a few guidelines… 

  • Most orchids do not like direct sun, so keep your orchid in a pretty bright location but not in the direct afternoon sun. (Bright office lights work well too)
  • Water enough, but not too much… yes… I know that sounds cryptic, but I’ve made a video to help simplify the process. Basically, when the plant is wet enough it is heavy, when it is dry it is light.  You will learn how it feels, but this short video will help.
  • Once the plant is done blooming, you can find out how to care for it so that it will bloom again for you, or you can discard it.  Most grocery store orchids were literally grown to be enjoyed while they bloom and then be thrown away, but with just a little care, they will happily continue to be good strong plants and usually bloom again each year. So it’s up to you.

Watch this brief video to help you…

Now that you see how easy it is to care for your orchid, you can enjoy them for the duration of their current bloom period AND far beyond.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, check out our videos on youtube or ask your local orchid supplier (there are a lot around that are happy to help).

If you are in the Atlanta area and do not wish to keep your orchid after it has bloomed we are happy to take it from you.  We grow them until they re-bloom and then we give them to local charities, community projects, and programs for children and those in hospital care.  Please Contact Us HERE to arrange pickup of your orchid.


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