Every morning my routine has a bit of regularity to it. 

I typically shuffle out of my bedroom toward the kitchen with a brief stop on the way to let the cats out of their kennel (yes they are kennel trained and love being so!).

It’s always seemed funny to me that while I’m waiting for the Keurig to heat up that the first thing on my mind is “how are all of my ‘chids’?”

My orchid intensive care unit is currently in the large window by the sink and near the coffee pot so even while still bleary-eyed and half asleep I begin my day by surveying my special care orchids.

I make mental notes on how they look and what, if anything, should be done for them today.

After a cup of coffee and some cuddle time on the couch with Spot, one of our Bengal cats, I am always eager to get up close with all of my orchids.

I spend time checking for bugs, assessing the health of the plant, looking for new growth or bloom spikes, noting how dry they are, the shade of green in their leaves, and deciding what their care for the day will be.

Those first couple hours of my day when I have my coffee, cuddle with my critters and assess my orchids are my most favorite of the day.

I love that I always have something in bloom and I can sit sipping my cup-o-joe and marvel at the variety and color offered in the world of orchids.

As I’m sure many of you do, I also ponder the possibility of a greenhouse or enclosed sunroom. 

I fantasize over misting systems and potting benches on wheels.

My coffee musings also note how much better my other houseplants are doing with the extra attention they get as well.

There was a time when my “ordinary” house plants were cared for but I never spent tons of time contemplating.  They got water when they needed it and the occasional splash of Miracle Grow to help them along.  And every year or two they would get re-potted whether they needed it or not.

Now they are in quality soil with fertilizers that are appropriate for what they are and the season they are in.  Watering when needed and appropriate to the season.  My care has been rewarded with more foliage, an abundance of blooms, and rich beautiful greens.

Yes, my morning coffee and orchid time is some of my favorite.  I get to spend time taking inventory and reveling in the rewards of my effort.

I hope that you also have time each day to take note of how far you’ve come in your orchid care journey and that learning and patience have paid off.

May your day be bright, your coffee strong, and your orchids happy…. Chat with you soon!