Update On the Little Orchid That Could

HE BLOOMED!!! I wanted to be certain to share with you the update on my Little Orchid That Could. He has been an absolute trooper and although two moves in three weeks have taken their toll and his bloom stem ended up snapping off, it wasn't before one beautiful white bloom opened completely. I am so proud of my little orchid and his drive to [...]

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My Little Orchid That Could… Phalaenopsis Rescue

This is the wonderful story of a little phalaenopsis orchid I literally saved from the dumpster.  It was questionable if he would come back, but this video proves just how resilient and fabulous these plants really are. There isn't a lot of information about how I cared for this plant, but there IS an explanation of where he was when I got him compared to [...]

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Wonderful Update On the No ID Cattleya.

As one of my other posts has stated... Morning coffee time is my opportunity to survey all of my orchids and see how they are doing.  This morning, only 4 days after re-potting, I noticed that there was a bright green little surprise sticking up through the Orchiata and saying 'Hi!!!' I was thrilled!  So I wanted to do just a quick video to show it to [...]

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