Wonderful Update On the No ID Cattleya.

As one of my other posts has stated... Morning coffee time is my opportunity to survey all of my orchids and see how they are doing.  This morning, only 4 days after re-potting, I noticed that there was a bright green little surprise sticking up through the Orchiata and saying 'Hi!!!' I was thrilled!  So I wanted to do just a quick video to show it to [...]

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Repotting My Orange No ID Cattleya… SURPRISE (no roots?)!

I don't know about you, but while I do continue to learn about the specifics of orchid species and genealogies there are still times that I find myself unable to resist a beautiful No ID orchid.  That is exactly what this orchid is. I picked it up at a local greenhouse at a discounted price and fell in love with its bright orange color and peppery fragrance. He was [...]

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