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Seriously Overdue Greenhouse Update!

I had no idea when I adopted this greenhouse that it would mean so much to me going into the winter. I mean... there is the obvious reason that it gave me the opportunity to take care of my orchids and winter my outdoor plants instead of letting them die and then replace them. BUT... it has also been my personal therapy space.  My zen. My grounding escape. [...]

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Little Vanda Proves How Tough Orchids Can Be

This little no ID orchid is showing a great deal of resilience. As you can see from the video it has had its share of setbacks but apparently just a little water and fertilizer and it has decided to jump into action. While I'm not completely sure what the future will hold for this little guy, I will definitely keep you updated on his progress. This is just one [...]

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Good Day Of Cleanup… Greenhouse Style

Of course, I'm still excited about the greenhouse!  Are you kidding me? I'm just getting started!  Although, I will admit there is a lot to the "discovery" and "REcovery" portions of this are a lot more involved than I initially thought it might be. One of the things I neglected to consider when I jumped into this whole venture was the idea that there are a BUNCH of orchids in that [...]

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The Greenhouse Adventure Begins

I have dreamed of having a greenhouse since I was a kid. I grew up in Colorado where the growing season was short, the winters were long and cold, and the 100+-year-old house we lived in was heated by a wood stove and had only a few basic windows.  In other words... not a good place for houseplants of nearly any kind but especially tropicals. When spring would begin to [...]

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