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Peter T Lin on Miniature Cattleyas

If you have any interest in miniature cattleyas or really in cattleyas period, then you will want to watch this video. Peter came to speak to the Atlanta Orchid Society and graciously agreed to let us share the information with you. You can always catch up with him on his website to ask questions or to purchase his amazing plants. Click HERE to reach Peter's website. [...]

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Fred Clarke on Catasetums @ the Atlanta Orchid Society

Fabulous information and a lot of fun! Fred Clarke has a reputation throughout the orchid world, but if you don't know him or have never heard him, it won't take you long to figure out why. Fred has a delightful and entertaining way of presenting extremely valuable information.  Throughout his entire presentation, I was smiling and taking tons of notes. He made the world of Catasetum [...]

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Decoding Dendrobiums with Mark Reinke

This is a real treat that you DON'T want to miss! Mark Reinke is beyond a doubt an expert when it comes to the world of orchids.  He is a wealth of information and is always more than happy to share any and all info he can with you about any particular orchid with which he has experience. I have purchased a number of orchids from [...]

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