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Orchids 101 Class Begins May 1st!

THE FUN BEGINS!!! I recently did a talk for a Master Gardener's group in Georgia.  They were a really great group of people and I enjoyed it very much.  One of the things that I found really interesting, and yet not totally surprising, was their hunger to learn how to keep their orchids alive. A number of them came armed with questions, leaves cut off of their plants, and [...]

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Nearly Dead Orchid Has New Life

I love learning about orchids. One of the things that continue to blow my mind is how resilient they are!!! While some orchids are extremely picky and will look great one dead and be dead the next, I am finding that a LOT of orchids are incredibly resilient. This is the story of one such orchid. This little oncidium (no ID), was one I picked up at [...]

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Phalaenopsis Roots (When to Water… or Not)

I get a lot of questions from people on how to Not Kill Their Orchids!!  Any of us who raise orchids (a few or a lot) successfully, get the same question frequently. Usually, not always, but usually... it is in regards to what many of us call "grocery store orchids"... you know... the kind you grab at the local grocery store or floral shop. These are a [...]

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Tour of the Atlanta Orchid Society President’s Greenhouse

Every now and then I get the opportunity to tour orchid greenhouses of other orchid enthusiasts. This video is a brief run through one of those opportunities. I know this is a very quick run through, but I hope you enjoy it.  I'm going to see if I can't set up a much more in-depth video tour for you. Perhaps an interview as well. Until such [...]

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Seriously Overdue Greenhouse Update!

I had no idea when I adopted this greenhouse that it would mean so much to me going into the winter. I mean... there is the obvious reason that it gave me the opportunity to take care of my orchids and winter my outdoor plants instead of letting them die and then replace them. BUT... it has also been my personal therapy space.  My zen. My grounding escape. [...]

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Little Vanda Proves How Tough Orchids Can Be

This little no ID orchid is showing a great deal of resilience. As you can see from the video it has had its share of setbacks but apparently just a little water and fertilizer and it has decided to jump into action. While I'm not completely sure what the future will hold for this little guy, I will definitely keep you updated on his progress. This is just one [...]

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Good Day Of Cleanup… Greenhouse Style

Of course, I'm still excited about the greenhouse!  Are you kidding me? I'm just getting started!  Although, I will admit there is a lot to the "discovery" and "REcovery" portions of this are a lot more involved than I initially thought it might be. One of the things I neglected to consider when I jumped into this whole venture was the idea that there are a BUNCH of orchids in that [...]

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The Greenhouse Adventure Begins

I have dreamed of having a greenhouse since I was a kid. I grew up in Colorado where the growing season was short, the winters were long and cold, and the 100+-year-old house we lived in was heated by a wood stove and had only a few basic windows.  In other words... not a good place for houseplants of nearly any kind but especially tropicals. When spring would begin to [...]

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Peter T Lin on Miniature Cattleyas

If you have any interest in miniature cattleyas or really in cattleyas period, then you will want to watch this video. Peter came to speak to the Atlanta Orchid Society and graciously agreed to let us share the information with you. You can always catch up with him on his website to ask questions or to purchase his amazing plants. Click HERE to reach Peter's website. [...]

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Fred Clarke on Catasetums @ the Atlanta Orchid Society

Fabulous information and a lot of fun! Fred Clarke has a reputation throughout the orchid world, but if you don't know him or have never heard him, it won't take you long to figure out why. Fred has a delightful and entertaining way of presenting extremely valuable information.  Throughout his entire presentation, I was smiling and taking tons of notes. He made the world of Catasetum [...]

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